Below is a list of devices confirmed to be working. If you find any discrepancy in the list, kindly mail me at shardulseth {at} aol (dot) com.
Filterable spreadsheet here ->

65 Responses to Devices

  1. Bojan says:

    Did it work on Alcatel OT 991?

  2. ssdf says:

    Does not seem to work with Samsung Galaxy S Plus i9001. Using ICS and Jellybean Custom roms based on CM9 and CM10.

  3. Vinz says:

    In the list there is LG Nexus but on Play Store i cannot install the app: it’s not compatible with Nexus 4. How to install?

  4. ajit says:

    Does lg optimus l5 e612 support usb otg?

  5. Ryan says:

    worked on my motorola Bionic with stock ICS rooted with a 500GB Sata Drive in an External USB Enclosure hooked up in the LapDock. Thanks to this program it can now read/write NTFS!! Thanks a bunch!

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  7. thang nguyen says:

    How about Asus memo pad ?

  8. JPG says:

    Xperia X8 with nAa-ics and miniCM9-shakira supported? Thanks

  9. ullas says:

    am usin Galaxy S3 MINI.. plz guide me how to connect pendrive..

  10. oskreso says:

    would it work with s3 mini?
    My wish is to format micro sd card to exfat and then to copy mkv file larger than 4gb. Is it possible

  11. tipo says:

    is xperia tipo dual support otg???

  12. Aldo says:

    in the confirmed devices list, Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570) is listed, so it’s available, right??
    but i can’t find the right modules (usb-storage.ko) for my devices. If i try to insmod, the result is “No Such File or Directory”…
    Can you guide me how to setup my galaxy mini??? so it can support USB OTG…

  13. abhishek saralaya says:

    Y no USB otg help for sony xperia neo l

  14. Peter says:

    Work on Samsung galaxy s duos? Thanks

  15. Asifz says:

    In the above devices.. I am having HTC desire HD.. Does it work??
    If it works on my Phone then I wont mind to donate…
    My Device is not rooted..
    the details are
    Android 2.3.5
    htc sense 3.0

    kernel Version
    htc-kernel @and 18-2 #1

    Baseband version

    Build Number 3.13.720.2. CL208029 release keys

  16. mahesh says:

    You have tested it for samsung galaxy y but will it work on samsung galaxy y duos s6102 .it is not in the list.

  17. sagun murmu says:

    doesvlg optimus l5 e612 support usb otg?give me solution

  18. sagun murmu says:

    Dose lg optimus l5 e612 support usb otg? Plz give me solution

  19. tipo says:

    how to correct modules (usb-storage.ko) on xperia tipo dual?

  20. ko sai says:

    help for lg p920 bro!

  21. sagar says:

    did lg l5working ro not working pleg reply

  22. dre says:

    can’t use in my phone
    Help me Please ……………….?

    device is ROOT


    kernel Version 3.0.8-perf
    user@PC2-desktop #1

    Baseband version 7x25A_M:2045.

    Build Number 11.0.A.4.22

  23. jakelowe says:

    This app works on the motorola photon q 4g lte if rooted as well. I have a hub with wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, flash drive, and hdmi output to tv works simultaneously. Thanks so much!

  24. Nishan says:

    Hi,Doesnt seem to work with samsung s advance i9070. every time i try it shows message “su binary not found”.Any ideas?

  25. Bryan says:

    does it work in samsung galaxy y?

  26. george sunday says:

    please what should I do. I love this application generally. what. I have been hearing about this application
    I have the OTG cable both. anytime. I plug it to my Techno n7 my phone will go off

  27. Hi, Thanks for the app. I see you have mentioned I9082 as Supported Device but I could not use OTG. I have not even seen anyone else claiming that its supported. Can you please share the steps if possible including Kernel link etc. My phone is rooted but I am using Stock Kernel.

  28. Josmon says:

    does samsung galaxy grand connects usb otg.
    plz reply me.

  29. dani says:

    I have LGP705 . I saw your commenf most LG does not work because their devices do not provide power to the USB bus.
    What if I give power to a usb hub trought the original cable came with the mobile who has an usb connection on it (the line would be: wall- 110/5v plug- hub – pendrive- usb/mini usb cable – mobile phone) .

  30. Lars Mørk says:

    And a new one from HTC: HTC One?

  31. Anu Dany says:

    need a solution for Desire S (SAGA)

  32. Phil says:

    Works well with Nexus 7 – including SD Card/Reader to NTFS USB Hard Drive transfers!
    Had no luck with Stickmount or ParagonNTFS working with NTFS – mounted o.k. but write attempts were unsuccessful (possibly my fault of course).

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  34. Jake says:

    Seems like some people here don’t speak English or are simply brain dead. The person who develops this application can know if your phone has functional USB OTG support only if he has that particular phone, some experience regarding the chipset itself or if someone mailed him/posted here to let him know, so if your phone isn’t in this list, the only thing you can do is some Googling or try it yourself and report if you failed or succeeded and provide a logcat. Otherwise GTFO. Posts like “halp my phon isnt rooted i want this wok on my phoon. w8ing u 4 response” are useless and annoying.

    For the guys who have phones with no power coming out of the microUSB socket but a potential OTG support by the SoC, using a 5V charger could do the trick, or the brick, so think twice before doing something… or check what other users said on XDA Developers. As that was the only way to make USB gadgets work on i9000 (international Galaxy S reference version, a.k.a. ‘galaxysmtd’), it could work for you too.

  35. Farid Abbas says:

    Heyy plzzz fid a otg fix for my xolo q 800 its stock kernal suports otg

  36. vijayabashkar says:

    Willit support galaxy tab 3 gt211?

  37. Puskash says:

    Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 (LTE International Qualcomm model; and also presumably the whole Galaxy S4 family) is known by manufacturer specs to having USB OTG & MSC, but neither one from the family appears in that list above (only the S3 family)… Such an ignorance… Please address this ASAP.

  38. Ashu says:

    Yar how it works on s duos….can we connect pen drive….rooting required or not….plz reply ashu_

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