Version 6.5.0 release

Dear friends,

Thanks a lot for your support and excellent ratings.. It motivates me to make this app better.

This time too, you have something big coming – exFAT support!
Other changes are:
– Improved layout (Action-bar/Holo theme for API level 11+)
– Many reliability improvements
– Bugfixes

Please read below before you enable exFAT in settings!

How to enable exFAT support?

The exFAT binary is not included in the app.

To install:

  1. You can download the binaries from
  2. Extract mount.exfat-fuse and dumpexfat binaries
  3. Place them at the root of your sdcard (eg /mnt/sdcard)  OR in /system/bin directory.
  4. Enable exFAT option in settings.


exFAT is experimental. Please do not use it with important data. If vold (in your phone) tries to mount it as FAT, it may cause data corruption even before my app has chance to mount it. This, or other reasons can cause data corruption. You have been warned. The developer of this app will not be responsible for any damage or data loss.

More information about these binaries?

Reference: xda thread here

Download : Mediafire (till the play store app is updated)

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